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Introducing Alphabet Tuesday’s! Every Tuesday, we plan to do an activity based on an alphabet. We start with “A”, who else!!
We started the homeschooling hour with our favorite alphabet phonic song – a a aaapple , b b bbbat, k k cccat .. The 2yrold can now identify till g. The 5yrold is well past this stage, so we did an animal theme for her. Some of them we came up together, like w- wolf, n – nightingale. Thanks to the books currently in our reading list – Yakity …

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We got this book – Amazing Animals by Innovative Kids, from a yard sale back in California. A retired teacher had carefully and neatly boxed them. My 5 year old was just 2.5 at that time, but these books were so absolutely awesome, that we could not resist and picked up the whole box. She is now reading by herself and is starting to comprehend what she read. These are a set of 10 books, each of them about 7-10 pages, the pages starting with a 2 word sentence, builds …