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Finally, I ate it anyway!
You wonder why kids love Barbara Park.

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Do you know what children book really mean? We know them when we go to bookstore to buy one but I can bet we don’t put much thought into what exact type of children books we want. There is a tendency among parents to just pick the popular books or the ones most aggressively pushed by store owners. Very few parents take time to build balanced collection of different types of books for their kids. Well that’s the challenge I put to myself and found that I don’t know much …

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Book Review: When Daddy Was a Little Boy, An introduction to Russian Literature.

Although I’m one of the younger writers here and do not have any kids yet, I am fond of them. People tell us to imagine, to innovate, I feel that kids teach us that.
A big part of my childhood was reading, and one of my most cherished books of that time was this hardbound collection of stories called “When Daddy Was a Little Boy” by Alexander Raskin (originally in Russian, and translated into English). I received this as a gift and it introduced me to the wonderful world …

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Book Review: Magic Vessels, a Folklore from Tamilnadu

Just finished reading this wonderful book to my daughters. Bed time reading session where I usually tend to mash-up two stories. One from the book and one I imagine while reading the original. It’s a small game we play. Daughters try to catch me when I go off the script. Going off the script is what we enjoy most. Almost like reading and reviewing at the same time.
Basically Magic Vessels is a story of a poor playwright Muthu. He is poor, he is a playwright, and he has …

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Events: Stones2Milestones – Summer Affair 2012

Event: Stones2Milestones – Summer Affair 2012
Where: Multiple places in Bangalore.
When: April, 2012 – May 2012

The camp will be at following places:
1.Stones2milestones Centre:482/57, Behind Akme Harmony, Near Trinity Meadows Road.
Date: 9th of April to 30th April.
Age group: 5 to 8 years
9 to 12 years.
Timings : 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at our centre.
2.The Bright Beginnings Pre –School: Green Glen Layout, …

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Events: READING BUG – Summer Reading Program 2012 at Treasurehouse, Hyderabad

Event: READING BUG – Summer Reading Program 2012 at Treasurehouse, Hyderabad
Where: Treasure House, Hyderabad.
When: April 15, 2012 – May31, 2012
The reading bug summer program is designed by Anitha Ramkumar of utbtkids fame. They have many programs to choose from depending on the age of the child and their reading interests. More details here and here.

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Excellent write up on the role of picture books in child development, by Lori Calabrese at The Children’s Book Review site.
Some points I could completely identify with:

-Picture books are multi-sensory, which aids a child’s growing mind and stimulates their imagination.
-The repetition in many picture books allows a child to participate in the story.
-Children love art.
-The illustrations of a picture book help children understand what they are reading and allow young readers to analyze the story.
-Chapter books are not necessarily more complex than picture books and in fact, their vocabulary …

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Inventory of books bought from the Bangalore Book Festival 2010. We have read, read and read in the last couple of days. These books have been accompanying us everywhere, to the park, to friends house and to the school even! A handful of books already missing, apparently they have been given to their friends!
National Book trust
Pratham Books
Tulika Books
eAppu and some adhoc books
Thanks to SaffronTree, I had read a lot of reviews on NBT books. Obviously picked up a whole lot, luckily the walking talking encyclopedia happened to be there …

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The eighth edition of the Bangalore Book Festival starts on November 12th @ Palace Grounds. It is a 10 day feast, with publishers and distributors from all over the country participating. The festival also claims to host entertainment programmes, book reading sessions and author meets.
 Image Credit:
via The Hindu

Over a million titles under various categories and languages will be displayed in more than 300 stalls during the 10-day Bangalore Book Festival (BBF). The fest is expected to attract more than two lakh people. The country’s biggest publishers, distributors, exporters …

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Printable flash cards of Hindi consonants.
Also available as a free iPad app on app store –
If the embed does not work, click here to download and print.

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If you haven’t visited

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List of must-have multicultural books was originally compiled by the Cooperative Children’s Book Center, School of Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison

*Image Courtesy:

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Title: Chasing The Plastic Pisach
Author/Illustrator: Sumathi Sudhakar / Arka Prabha Roy Chowdhury
Publisher: Pratham Books

Our apartment initiated a Go Green campaign few weeks back, with posters all over the apartment complex, starting from the entrance gate to the lift. The poster clearly depicting the three colored waste collection bins, samples of recyclable waste etc. Our apartment has mandated us to have separate bins at home, one for recyclable wastes and another for compost-able waste. One going into white trash bags and another into black, so they can accordingly dispose them into …

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Title: Sister Sister, Why is the sky so blue?
Author/Illustrator: Roopa Pai / Greystroke, Sanjay Sarka
Age Group: 4-7 yrs
Publisher: Pratham Books

We read one of the Sister Sister series(subtitled – Fun Conversations about Everyday Science) from Pratham Books. I must say I am floored! Simply in awe. How I wish the text books for first and second grades would be anything close to this.
The little brother’s imagination goes wild and he comes up with the cutest possibilities, like the sea must be upside down with a plastic sheet wrapped under …

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We got this book – Amazing Animals by Innovative Kids, from a yard sale back in California. A retired teacher had carefully and neatly boxed them. My 5 year old was just 2.5 at that time, but these books were so absolutely awesome, that we could not resist and picked up the whole box. She is now reading by herself and is starting to comprehend what she read. These are a set of 10 books, each of them about 7-10 pages, the pages starting with a 2 word sentence, builds …