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We are bunch of parents trying to learn from each other. This is our space to explore the wonderful world of books, apps, crafts, videos and of course toys. We will be posting about those topics and also talking to people who are doing interesting work in those areas.

Parenting is a responsibility as well a wonderful gift. This community site is an effort to add fun to parenting exercise by talking about things which relates to our own little toys. Our own little kids. Join us here and on Facebook.

MyToyStory Team -

Rashmi Sachan
Rashmi started this community site as a collection of all the stuff progressive parents do. In her day time she is a geek developing iOS apps. At MyToyStory, she writes about craft, books and apps. Posts by Rashmi

Brij Singh
Brij is a technology professional and runs Fliplog. He has two daughters and he enjoys reading them all sorts of real and imaginary books. Finding new authors and new books is his passion. At MyToyStory, he is trying his luck with new role as a book critic and occasionally voicing his opinionated thoughts as a parent. Posts by Brij

Divya Singh
She loves all kinds of books – comics, chapter books and picture books. Her favorite books are Magic Tree House and Junie. B. Jones series.


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  • Rashmi S (author) said:

    Contact details is there in the page itself :) mytoystoree at gmail

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