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iPad is fun, TV is boring. Interview with a 5 year old girl.

9 May 2010 1,962 views 3 Comments

Written by: Rashmi S

Impromptu interview session between the father and the 5 year old daughter.

iPad is Fun. TV is Boring.

iPad is Fun. TV is Boring.

Father: Can I ask you some questions.
5yrold: Sure.

Why do you want to go to school?
Because I don’t know some things.

ok. What do you like doing in school?
Arts n Crafts.

Who is your favorite politician?
What is a “politician”?
hmm.. Like Prime minister of India, President of India, President of USA..
Don’t know. I have not even meeted (met) them. Don’t know how they look and how they talk.
(If only grown ups gave so much thought before electing!)

Who in your family do you like the most?
Mummy, paapa, bhaiyya. Actually I like everyone in our family here in Bangalore and tai-ji, tau-ji, bua-ji. Everyone. I love my whole family.
( 0% exaggeration here )

What is your favorite color.
All the colors
(Realised should not have asked this right after the family question)

What do you like the most in computer/internet?
Pbskids.org. My sister likes starfall.

If you had a TV at home(we don’t have one) and had an iPad, which one would you like to use?
I will take iPad. TV is boring.
(Note to self: Time to get TV and balance out this computer/internet nerdiness).

What do you want to be when you grow up?
What do you want me to be when I grow up?
hmm.. First you tell what you want to be, then I will tell what I would like.
ok. Designer. Decoration. Painter. Wall designer. Now tell what you want me to be.
Whatever you like to be. Singer, Artist, Writer, Traveler. Wall designer.
But, why you are a computer engineer? Why you did not become a wall designer?
Because I like being a computer engineer. I am not sure I would like to be a wall designer.
Oh, I see. Because, then you can make money and buy me things?
Huh! You could make money being a wall designer too. A lot of money. But you should like doing it na..

2 minutes pause..
Paapa, ask more questions. Please paapa.

What do you like in iPad?
Doodle Buddy
Annual Haircut Day
Figure it out.

(Note to self: Check what this Figure it out is!! )

Which books do you like? The paper book, not the books on iPad.
Pied Piper
Ekki Dokki
Annual Haircut Day
Song book – The one which has Sing a song of sixpence

A little later.. While I am typing this post, she reads couple of lines and asks
Why are you typing whatever I said? You want to email to your bestest friends?
No, I want to put it in the website.
My website? MyToyStory web site?

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  • utbtkids said:

    That is absolutely cute!

  • Rashmi S (author) said:

    :) :)

  • monica agarwal said:

    thats sweetest interview of all….:)..also see more of father and kid stuff here……http://www.facebook.com/pepsodentindia

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