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If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.

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Hey I found this very good website called Duolingo.

What is Duolingo?
Duolingo is a website where you can learn many languages. You also have a tree called skill tree, it has many levels. In each level there are 10 lessons in which 1 lesson is all you have. To unlock more you have to finish the entire lesson. And there are 5 lives,if you have none you have to start over.
How much does it cost?
It is actually free.
How many languages they are teaching right now?
Quite a lot. I would suggest these …

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Finally, I ate it anyway!
You wonder why kids love Barbara Park.

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Do you know what children book really mean? We know them when we go to bookstore to buy one but I can bet we don’t put much thought into what exact type of children books we want. There is a tendency among parents to just pick the popular books or the ones most aggressively pushed by store owners. Very few parents take time to build balanced collection of different types of books for their kids. Well that’s the challenge I put to myself and found that I don’t know much …

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Hey Parents, Are Your Kids Using Green Toys?

21st Century. With the invent of PSPs, XBOXs, and other high-tech video gaming platforms, it seems rather pertinent to take a step back and think. We all are very aware of the climate changes and the importance of going green in whatever tiniest way possible. A lot of us do try to bring changes to our daily lifestyle to protect the environment. We must, there’s no way around it. A small step in this direction could lead us to use Green Toys. Green toys or eco-friendly toys are made …

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Book Review: When Daddy Was a Little Boy, An introduction to Russian Literature.

Although I’m one of the younger writers here and do not have any kids yet, I am fond of them. People tell us to imagine, to innovate, I feel that kids teach us that.
A big part of my childhood was reading, and one of my most cherished books of that time was this hardbound collection of stories called “When Daddy Was a Little Boy” by Alexander Raskin (originally in Russian, and translated into English). I received this as a gift and it introduced me to the wonderful world …